CPET PET and Disability: How This Testing Can Assist You Win Disability Benefits

CPET (Cardiopulmonary exercise testing) can be important when it comes to substantiating insurance claims for long-term disability. You need to know that CPET is recommended for those conditions that bring about fatigue as the main symptom. It is important to note that fatigue is one of the most self-reported claimants, rather than what is being tested by their physicians. To add to this, the insurance companies might consider the claimants reported fatigue as subjective claims for disability with subjective symptoms. An insurance company can thoroughly scrutinize your condition and decide to deny everything. With CPET, you are assured of getting the best results that will give you evidence of your condition. The results you get from CPET will help in proving your disability to your insurance provider. Make sure that you have read this article for you to have a good understanding of CPET and how it can help you out with your disability claim.

Do you know what CPET is? Well, as mentioned above, CPET stands for cardiopulmonary exercise testing. You should know that CPET can measure how the heart, lungs and muscles perform during exercise and when at rest. With CPET, your pulmonary and cardiovascular systems can be measured. CPET utilizes breathing measurements so that oxygen analyses can be carried out when breathed in. To add to this, the amount of carbon dioxide breathed out and the total volume of air is also analyzed through CPET. The CPET makes use of these measurements for the analysis of your body’s tolerance and how it responds to exercise. With CPET, you are sure of getting the best proof of poor endurance and your inability to have functional capacity. With this, you are able to make a claim so that you can get insurance benefits.

What forms of disabilities are proven by CPET? Well, you need to know that there are several disabling conditions whose symptoms can be substantiated through CPET. Some of these conditions include cardiac conditions (including heart failure), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (including other lung conditions), rheumatoid arthritis, ME/CFS among others. You need to know that CPET is crucial if fatigue is the only symptom of your condition. One thing that you should know is that insurance companies find it hard to prove your fatigue. Your frequent treatments with your doctor will note when you report fatigue as a major symptom of your condition. When you consider CPET, you are sure that your medical records will have factual proof through test results. Usually, the purpose of medical evidence is to assist you to get approval for your disability claim. With CPET results, there will be enough data to support your fatigue. With this, your insurance company won’t dodge ways to deny your claims.

In winding up, now that CPET has many benefits, you need to make sure that you have scheduled an appointment with your doctor. With this, you will be provided with disability evaluations if you have any fatigue-related illness.

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